MYOB: Mind Your Own Business

Did you ever learn when you where a child to mind your own business? Ever wounder what that truly meant when you were a child? Well I am going share some life experience with you why I believe in minding ones own business is moral and ethical, but there are times to stick your nose even where it is not wanted.

Business That Belongs To Oneself And What To Share

Even when growing up as a child we all have had secrets that we did not share with anyone, not even a close friend. As we become young adults we learn in life that there are somethings not to share with your closest friend or family, like income. When we hit adulthood and start planning ahead it may not be a good idea to share all your ideas, but some may need a second opinion. It does get more difficult as you grow up. But what should you keep to yourself and what should you share.

 What Business Belongs To You As A Child

There is certain things you should keep to yourself. As a child you should share almost everything, but if  a friend tells you a secret then keep it between you and your friend. This is an early stage of trust. If you betray them then you could lose a long term friend and lose trust with others around you. If the secret is to your knowledge alone, then it might not be good. You need to listen to your soul and to God. Talk to God and let Him know your secret if He wants you to share it He will let you know.

 What Business Belongs To You As A Teen

When I reached my teen years I did a lot of lying and deceiving. I am not proud of it, but have learned life lessons from it. I was not allowed to play my Nintendo for weeks because of grades and I just got a new game I wanted to beat. So I snuck to play my game after everyone went to bed. I also skipped school to play it. I eventually got caught and my parents disconnected the Nintendo and I did not get to play it till school was over. I learned here that bad is bad don’t make it worst.

When a child reaches their teen years they have more complications coming into their life. They maybe feeling love for the first time, having desires to become someone, want to express themselves a little more; but they may also be having thoughts and desires they do not want to talk to you about. Think back to when you were their age. I remember meeting the first girl and wanting to kiss her. I was nervous and scared. I did not know if i was a pure man or if I was a sinner and going to hell. I do know now I was a pure man then, but maybe today not so pure. Talking to your teens is good, Google key words that describe your teen to find a way to help them, or go to church and talk to the pastor he will help. Parents need to step back some but still need to take care of their children.

 What Business Belongs To You As An Adult

When a child hits the adult years it is time for them to be a grown up and for parents to set them free. Now some may agree, some may disagree but an adult is to lead their own life and start new lives. Now I do not mean for the child to cut out their parents, but it can happen. Parents need to let their children go, let them make their own decisions, and stay away from discussions and situations that can create an argument. The children should be responsible enough by this time to help their parents when need and as they can, avoid arguments, and provide for their parents in return for all the parents have done for them. According to   if you child was born in 2013 it will cost $245,340 to raise your child, that is $13, 630 a year on average. If one is not responsible before becoming an adult with a child there will be financial difficulties.

We Need To Share

We all have difficulties in life that we need to share with family and friends. When times get rough we need to go to someone who we trust in which to confide. There are more days that are good that we can share with everyone. It is great when we get a raise, going on a cruise, or just had a great day. Sometimes people just want to vent about a bad day so it is always nice to listen and let them know it will be ok. If a person wants to share the will, if they do not then they have a reason do not take it personal.

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